Financial Transparency and Philosophy Statement

My Philosophy

At its root, the word “Economy” means “management of home”, and all things economical are questions of how we collectively choose to manage the resources, time, space, energy, and labor of everything that makes up our collective home here on Earth. In this country and in much of the world, we think of the economy as being the market and we operate under the system of market capitalism.

Market Capitalism has not always been and is not now the only way to organize the sharing and management of our home, however. There are physical and intellectual “Commons” where resources are open for the use and responsible management of all. There are Gift Economies that operate on principles of abundance. There is communalism, socialism, and many other anti-capitalist or alternative to capitalist ways of being, and I believe all of these are important ways to shift to a more Liberatory and Sustainable way of living together on this planet. 

For all of these reasons, I am seeking to operate in more communal and anti-capitalist ways with my ministry and spiritual direction work. And we all, including me as a minister and spiritual director, still live under capitalism. In other words, I have bills to pay and we all operate in a system where our time is “worth” money. 

Income-Use Policy: 

I am currently fortunate to have full-time employment in ministry that pays me a living wage, so my spiritual direction, curricula writing, community ministry, and eco-ministry does not have to support me and my family. Therefore, when I ask for payment for any of these services the funds need to cover my costs associated with this work and any money raised beyond that will be used for one of two things:

  1. Re-investment in my own learning to better resource me for this ministry work (buying some books and occasionally taking a workshop)
  2. Giving/donating to other individuals and organizations in ways that further the goal of a radically liberatory, caring, and just world for all people, creatures, and ecosystems of this Earth. 

My costs:

Annual Membership in Spiritual Directors International $80/year

Annual Clergy in Good Standing Fee at ChI $200/year

Liability Insurance $106/year

Website / Hosting Costs $800/year

Google Workspace Calendaring Tool $120/year

Zoom Account $165/year

Spiritual Direction Supervision $320/year

My Own Spiritual Direction $1200/year

Total Annual Costs: $2991

Transparency and Accountability

As I believe in financial sustainability and transparency, I will post an annual update here on my website to share both income and output of money for my ministry work.

2023 Financial Report

Suggested Fee Structures

All fees are voluntary and I encourage you to place yourself in the tier that feels right for you and pay accordingly. I do not need to see any evidence of income or need, and these income tiers are just to give you an idea of a sliding scale. You will not be treated differently or receive any difference in my ministry or spiritual direction work with you based on what you choose to pay. Your level of payment will be kept completely confidential (although aggregate totals of my ministry income may be shared) unless I am audited for some legal reason.

Baseline or “Going” Rates

(based on my market research)

One hour of Spiritual Direction, $80/hour

Multi Session Group Classes and Programs, $100/class 

One-Session Workshops and Programs, events, $40/2 hours 

Speaking/Preaching/Workshop Fee for groups, $250

Wedding/Other Life Milestone Event Officiant, $300

Curricula (vary by size, other factors) usually are $50-$100 for a complete curricula, with the rights to teach but not to further replicate or reproduce the work

Suggested Sliding Scales

Sliding scales are often offered, so that those who have lower income can choose a lower rate for this service. Sliding scales can be based on income, but I’ve also included a description because depending on your life your “real”, or experienced income and economic well-being, may be very different than just your salary level would indicate. 

Suggested sliding scale:

At the top of the scale, with 

>$100,000/year income, and/or you are living a life where you don’t worry about any needs, aren’t paying down debt, or struggling to save. Suggested rates (remember you are choosing to subsidize someone else who would struggle to pay the going rate)


  • Spiritual Direction $120-$160/hour 
  • Multi Session Classes $120-$150

In the upper middle of the scale, with

$50,000 – $100,000/year income, and/or you are living a life where you don’t worry too much about needs but you still might be working hard to balance your budget, support dependents/students, save or pay down debt.

  • Spiritual Direction $80-$100/hour
  • Multi Session Classes $80-100

In the middle of the scale, with

$25,000-$50,000/year income, and/or you are living a life where you sometimes struggle to make ends meet and afford needs, and are almost always having to be careful with your budget.

  • Spiritual Direction $40-60/hour
  • Multi Session Classes $30-$60

At the base of the scale, with

< $25,000/year income, and/or you are struggling to afford even basic needs and/or you are acquiring more debt (such as being a student or taking on other loans)

  • Spiritual Direction $0-20/hour 
  • Multi Session Classes $0-$20


Can be made on paypal:

Or contact me at to make other arrangements (like old fashioned checks in the mail)