Spiritual Direction

I have trained and earned a certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Chaplaincy Institute, an interfaith seminary and spiritual community. As an Interfaith Spiritual Director, I understand Spiritual Direction to be the process of accompaniment as you deepen your own understanding and practice of the spiritual, whatever that may mean to you. I am comfortable and happy to journey with you using the language and cosmological/theological framework of your preference. I also operate from a framework that understands spiritual practice to be whatever you make of it, and that anything can become spiritual if approached with intention.

Typically I meet with clients once a month for one hour. Most of our hour is spent in talking and deep listening, but we may also begin by lighting a candle, offering a reading, or sitting in silence and centering. We could also engage in some guided visualization or somatic practices together when it feels appropriate and is desired by the client. And we could end with a blessing or prayer, again if desired by the client. I practice a non-directive form of spiritual direction, so these are all offerings but I will follow the lead of the client.

Because I wish to give whole-hearted and soul-deep attention to my clients, I am currently limiting my practice to five clients (I also work full time for a Unitarian Universalist congregation). I currently have a few openings.

It would be a conflict of interest and unethical for me to work with spiritual direction clients who also attend the congregation I serve, so I cannot see members or friends of OUUC as spiritual direction clients. There may be other situations (close friends, family) that would also be inappropriate. We can discuss any possible conflicts of interest and I can try and help you find another spiritual director if you are interested in a referral.

I offer a sliding scale for Spiritual Direction, which you can find here.

If you are interested in working with me and would like to schedule a free get-to-know-you meeting, please email me at revsaralewis@gmail.com