The Branches

The Branches: Touching Something Larger

The next four movements will be in the branches of our tree of resiliency. Here, we stretch out beyond ourselves and our immediate surroundings and come in contact with the vast and sometimes unknowable. In the branches, we stretch toward the sky and the sun, and receive energy from that contact. This is where we may feel most in touch with the Transcendent, Spirit, or the Divine. These four movements will explore gratitude, uncertainty, mortality, and your mission or calling.

But trees don’t grow from the top down. If you are feeling at all unstable in any of these movements, go back to the work you did in your roots. These movements compliment each other, so as you work on gratitude practices you may want to remember how you have worked on your stress regulation. Facing uncertainty also still involves facing fear. Facing mortality is another aspect of taking care of our embodied selves and our health. And at a fundamental level, how we feed ourselves makes it possible for us to carry out our mission and calling in the world.

Let the work you’ve done up to this point ground you and give you the stability to engage with these canopy level concerns. Take a deep breath, and let’s go!

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