12 Movements of Resiliency

A project of Growing Together: practical and spiritual resiliency and sustainability

By Sara Lewis

This program is designed to be used by individuals or groups, exploring different aspects of life and how we can all live more resiliently and sustainably. Using the metaphor of a tree, twelve aspects of life are explored with encouragement to move in a direction of greater intention, flexibility, and strength – all the ingredients of resiliency.

You can print the whole program out as a PDF, or explore the movements here on the site.

About the Program

Who I Am

The Roots

Movement One: Food

Movement Two: The Body

Movement Three: Stress Regulation

Movement Four: Facing Fear

Movement Five: Home

The Trunk

Movement Six: Economics

Movement Seven: Relationships

Movement Eight: Community

The Branches

Movement Nine: Gratitude

Movement Ten: Facing Uncertainty

Movement Eleven: Facing Mortality

Movement Twelve: Mission and Purpose

What Now?