Can the Way We Produce Food Also Reverse Climate Change?

This week we participated in a local climate action group discussion of the film Kiss the Earth.

The film is worth watching, and has some good ideas in it. Some of it had me rolling my eyes a little bit, but then again there is also a story of a farmer in North Dakota who read up on Thomas Jefferson’s farming practices to figure out how it was done before all the chemicals came into being …. and that story I found delightful!

A few take-aways:

  1. Our nation needs to change how we do farm subsidies!
  2. Ranching and animals have a place in the cycle (but feedlots do not).
  3. Composting programs are needed and great, and we should work to encourage them.
  4. Groundcover, not naked earth!

If you have time and interest, the film is worth watching. It’s available on Netflix right now. And, whether you have time to watch the film or not, the title is a good reminder to us all to be grateful to the soil. The living soil of this planet is truly a miracle and we wouldn’t be alive without it. Life on land basically boils down to a few feet of miraculous living soil and the fact that it rains. For those things I lift up so much thanks. Let’s take care of the cycle.

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